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As an avid traveler, I know there are so many moving parts when it comes to planning the perfect trip! And a lot of those moving parts tend to revolve around what to pack.

These are the things my family and I personally use, love, and find helpful when we are taking vacations!

What to Bring into Theme Parks

Men’s Bag – Getting a good bag is the first step in keeping your park day easy and manageable. My husband loves to use a crossbody bag because it is a little more streamlined, but still has ample space and lots of pockets for storing everything.

If you don’t like the crossbody style, or you are carrying things for the entire family, you may want more of a traditional backpack style. I love this one because it is water-resistant, comes in two different size options, and has a USB charging port (you’ll still need a portable charger) to keep your phone charged so you don’t miss that Genie+ selection!

Women’s Bag – Personally, I love to carry Disney Loungefly bags into the parks! I love the Disney themes that I can coordinate with my park days and I also love the size, because it really allows me to travel light on a park day. Here are some of my favorite designs: Classic Mickey, Minnie Sequin, Beauty and the Beast, Baby Yoda.

But if you are not a Loungefly person or you want something a little more budget-friendly and with more space, I recommend this satchel-style bag. I have it in brown, black, and gray and love that you can carry it over the shoulder like a purse or wear it like a backpack.

Kids Bag – If your kids are anything like mine, they reach a point where they want to carry their own bag. We started letting my daughter carry her own water bottle, cooling towel, and snacks in just a simple drawstring bag. We love both these Mickey and Minnie designs.

Water Bottles – Reusable water bottles are a must on Disney or Universal park days! I love these because of their fun designs and the fact that they come in multiple sizes.

Rain Ponchos – It’s no surprise that it is rainy in Florida. One of the best things you can do for your theme park vacation is to pack a poncho! I throw one of these simple disposable ponchos in our park bags. If you have small children you could also grab this family pack of disposable ponchos that come with both adult and kids sizes.

Cooling Towels – Just like it’s no surprise that it is rainy in Florida, it is also no surprise that it is hot! Our family loves carrying these cooling towels to help beat the heat. We love that they come in individual carrying pouches so you can keep them wet until you need them!

Portable Fan – Another way to help beat the heat in the Disney parks is with this cute portable fan! I love the Mickey ears design and how small it is. If you have the extra space in your park bag, I think this is a must!

Autograph Books – What is a trip to Disney parks without character interactions?! One of my favorite things to do on a Disney vacation is collect autographs from all of my favorite characters. Grab this simple autograph book and these retractable Sharpies to throw in your park bag!

Phone Charger Pack and Cord – When you are vacationing in a theme park, you are going to need to use your phone! From taking all kinds of pictures to checking into your dining reservation to reserving your next Genie+ selection, having a fully charged phone is crucial! I always carry this portable charging pack with me in the parks. Whenever I take a break and sit down to eat, I plug up my phone to get a quick charge so that I am ready for the next part of my day!

Reusable Silicone Straws – The Disney parks have moved to paper straws and in some cases no straws in their restaurants. For this reason, I suggest packing these reusable silicone straws. If you just enjoy using straws like I do, or if you have young kids who will easily destroy a paper straw, these straws are a perfect addition to your Disney park bag.

Wet Bags – A wet bag is a great addition to your Disney or Universal parks bag because it provides a way to keep wet or soiled things sealed and separate from the other items in your bag. If you use a silicone straw for a milkshake and can’t get it washed out or your shirt gets soaked on Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge Rat Barges and you need a change, a wet bag gives you a place to store these things until you get back to your room at the end of the day.

Strollers – Check out the Top 5 Best Strollers for Disney World to find my stroller recommendations based on the stroller needs of your family.

MagicBands – I HIGHLY suggest using MagicBands while in the Disney Parks. You can read my Step-by-Step Guide for Ordering MagicBands for your trip.